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GM 3100

The innovative GM 3100 is the universal device for leak location and mains surveys. With its newly developed infraredmeasuring technology this measurement instrument can accurately identify natural gas and CO2 without cross-sensitivity. The GM 3100 automatically detects heavy gas (option), has explosive protection certification and is equipped with automatic measurement range selection.

According to the new DVGW guideline G 465-4, version march 2001, the gas detection and measurement instruments have to meet strict requirements, like for instance the automatic indication of heavy gas, lower location limit, Ex protection . . . 
The GMS 3100 satisfies all the requirements and now offers also infrared measurement for natural gas and CO2 

Schuetz Messtechnik

The company has been working in the field of gas leak detection and the technique of gas measurement as part of the process of 
network revision for more than 40 years. As part of its range of services, and in compliance with DVGW rules, Schütz checks gas 
supply networks for energy supply companies and works on the detection of leaks and pipes as well as on issues such as the 
changing of metres. In addition, the company gives training courses and specialist training for the partners of the supply companies.

Schütz GmbH has been certified by the DVGW as a company specialised in the checking of gas pipes.

Starting 2013 Konvex is exclusive sales representative of Schuetz Messtechnik for Republic of Serbia.

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