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The CheckSonic-VX is a multi-path ultrasonic gas meter which uses the most robust, acoustic path configurations available on the market. The CheckSonic-VX features traducers with a durable design and extended diagnostic functions and can carry out measurements, regardless of the extensive liquid and dirt contamination found typically in shale gas deposits, coal seams, flare and borehole measurements. Thanks to this robustness, the end user can have confidence in the reliable and superior measurement functions.

Ultrasonic meters/Ultrasonic meters
Elster GmbH

Elster GmbH

Elster GmbH offers a wide range of measuring devices for measuring gas volume and flow rates. We can offer volume gas meters such as rotary and diaphragm gas meters, turbine and ultrasonic gas meters. Gas volume correctors and electronic devices for data transfer are also part of the production program. Elster GmbH is also able to provide its customers with the delivery of complete measurement systems for accounting measurement at high pressure in the area of transport and production of natural gas. All devices meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and fulfillment of all metrological requirements.

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