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ENCAL 3000 H2S

The EnCal 3000 is an online gas chromatograph using the latest MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology. Thanks to the modular concept of the EnCal 3000, it is possible to offer various applications within the same system just by swapping analytical channels. There are two methods for measuring H2S concentrations:
 • H2S as a single component: Since this configuration is designed for measuring only H2S, it has a reduced lower detection limit. This makes it suitable for H2S trace measurements in the low ppm range and allows measurement of H2S in “sweet gas”. 
 • H2S measurement in combination with calorific value measurement: H2S is measured together with the components required for calculating the calorific value. Combinations are possible with the standard C6 analysis and with the extended C9 analysis.