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​The AV-LP and AV-MP relief valves from Honeywell’s Gorter product line discharge a certain amount of gas when the pressure at the control point exceeds a given level due to any temporary occurrence.

Gas discharge by the AV-LP and AV-MP relief valves can be caused by occurrences such as the momentary shutting of the on-off valve and/or the overheating of the gas with no flow requirement. The relief valves offer a simple design and can be mounted in any position.

How Does It Work?

Technical specifications for the AV-LP/ MP relief valves include:

  • Medium: Gases in gas group 2 as listed in DVGW worksheet G260 L

  • Temperature: -15°C to +50°C

  • System pressure: Maximum 25 bar

  • Maximum outlet pressure: Depends on spring type

  • Weight: Approx. 3.5 kg

  • Height: 215 mm

  • Largest diameter: Ø 118 mm (LP); Ø 95 mm (MP)

  • Pipe connections: ½" BSP (2x). 

What Problems Does It Solve?

With AV-LP/ MP relief valves, users benefit from safer operations, easier maintenance and high response accuracy.