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The Honeywell Elster EK205 is a battery-operated volume conversion device that can be easily mounted onto gas meters from Elster or other manufacturers. Powered by a lithium battery for a minimum five-year service life, the device calculates gas volume at base conditions on the basis of consumption data supplied by flow-proportional pulses from the connected meter and the measurements of gas temperature and pressure. The EK205 in the version without a pressure sensor can be used as a temperature converter. The data logging function, serial interface and different data communication protocols allow integration in head-end and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Volume correctors/Volume correctors
Elster GmbH

• Meter-, pipe- or wall-mount
• Converted volume calculation according to EN12405
• Compressibility calculation in accordance with AGA-NX19 mod, AGA 8 (GC1 or GC2), AGA 8 DC-92, S-GERG 88, AGA-NX19 or fixed
• Monochrome backlit dot-matrix LCD display, 128 pixels wide, 64 pixels high • Control panel with 4 buttons
• Two digital inputs
• Two freely programmable transistor outputs (pulses, status)
• Monthly (24 logs) , daily (600 logs) and measurement archive (10.000 logs)
• Two flexible archives (content, recording interval and additional events, which cause a record can be configured)
• Logbook (500 logs) and Audit Trail (100 logs)
• Optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 for configuration and local read out
• Integrated RS232/RS485 interface • Modbus communication in RTU, ASCII and TCP mode
• Software download in accordance with WELMEC 7.2
• enSuite configuration and maintenance software

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Elster GmbH

Elster GmbH offers a wide range of measuring devices for measuring gas volume and flow rates. We can offer volume gas meters such as rotary and diaphragm gas meters, turbine and ultrasonic gas meters. Gas volume correctors and electronic devices for data transfer are also part of the production program. Elster GmbH is also able to provide its customers with the delivery of complete measurement systems for accounting measurement at high pressure in the area of transport and production of natural gas. All devices meet the highest standards in terms of quality, safety and fulfillment of all metrological requirements.

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