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Honeywell's rebranding of RMG, Bryan Donkin and Gorter gas pressure regulators

In January 2016, Honeywell completed its acquisition of the Elster division of Melrose industries plc. One of the conditions from the European Commission to close the acquisition was to divest RMG Messtechnik GmbH which includes the RMG metering, flow computers and gas chromatograph portfolios.
The RMG, Bryan Donkin and Gorter regulators will continue to be part of Honeywell's gas portfolio. However per conditions of the closure, Honeywell must divest the RMG brand name. This means that it's required to rename all products and legal entities that use the RMG, Bryan Donkin and Gorter names.

On January 1, 2017 rebranding for all RMG, Bryan Donkin, and Gorter products will be complete and all new legal entity names will be in use.  All products and related documentation will be delivered with the new Honeywell branding. Product certificates from agencies and organization such as DVGW, Lloyds, CSA and MC will be updated with the new product names.

Few examples of current and new, rebranded product names:

Gas regulator branding:
Current product name: RMG 512 Gas Pressure Regulator

New product name: HON 512 Gas Pressure Regulator

Legal entity names: 
Current legal entity name: Kassel: RMG Regel Messtechnik GmbH

New product name: Kassel: Honeywell Gas Technologies GmbH

Gas regulator webpages has been moved to (German) and (English). Both websites are shortcuts to Honeywell's gas regulator product information that is published on Honeywell Process Solutions' main website

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