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Honeywell is pleased to introduce its newest ultrasonic meter - the Q.Sonicmax. The flagship in our Ultrasonic Metering portfolio, the Q.Sonicmax is the world's first eight-path ultrasonic meter to combine both reflective and direct paths and delivers unbeatable performance in ultrasonic measurement.  

Here's what you should know ...

  • It offers unparalleled accuracy: It provides OIML accuracy class 0.5 even in cases of sever flow disturbance for the highest possible certainty in every situation.
  • It uses a combination of direct and reflective paths that mean that, while it's exceptionally resilient against noise, users can quickly detect dirt build up and liquids in pipes that lead to undetected errors.
  • It's part of our wider portfolio, which includes the Q.Soncplus, TwinSonicplus and new MeasconTM software for implementing true condition based monitoring.

The new meter's unique design makes it the obvious choice for natural gas operators' custody transfer processes, where minor errors can result in large losses.

Accuracy and reliability
Unlike other meters on the market, the Q.Sonicmax achieves the highest possible accuracy in real-world conditions. Short inlets, extenders, reducers, manifolds, elbows and opther piping elements can all causes significant disturbances to the gas flow, reducing meter accuracy. The Q.Sonicmax meets the highest accuracy standard in all these cases.

The ability to detect dirt and liquids inside the pipe, makes sure accuracy is maintained. Giving you reliable performance, it cuts uncertainty by as much as 0.05%, saving a typical operator more than $70,000 a year, per meter.

To find out more about the Q.Sonic range and our wider metering solutions, visit our website or download the ebook on 'A free guide to investing in ultrasonic metering'. 

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