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The Serbian Ministry of Economy with the Decision of authorization, number 021-03-159 / 2012-33 (Amendment solutions number 021-03-167 / 2015-07) and the Decision of authorization number 021-03-140 / 2012-33 (Amendment No 021 solutions -03-168 / 2015-07) authorized the "KT KONVEX GVT" that as a notified body may perform verification of gas volume flow meter and water meter.

The Serbian Ministry of Economy's decision, number 021-03-258 / 2015-07 and 021-03-284 / 2015-07 from 02.03.2016. passed a decision on the renewal of the authorization of the company "KONVEX-GASNA I VODO TEHNIKA" doo. for performing verification of gas volume flow meter and water meter.

On this basis, in accordance with Article 9 and 11 of the Law of Metrology ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 30/10) and Article 4 of the Ordinance of manner of certification of business entities and other legal entities for performing verification of measuring instruments and of keeping the registry authorized body ( "Official Gazette of RS", No. 89/10) "KT KONVEX GVT" is entered in the register of authorized bodies for verification meters under a unique registration number OM 049th

A complete list of authorized bodies can be viewed on the Internet site of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Serbia or by clicking on the following link.